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T-Shirt Quilts

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We make throws to king size quilts out of your shirts.

You can add a border to your T-Shirt Quilt.   Make a small quilt larger or just  frame it for a more finished look.  Refer to chart for pricing.

This is all "white" shirts with a border added
Refer to table for pricing

All White T Shirts Seperated By Colorful Stripping
And A Coordinating Border Fabric

This quilt has many colorful shirts

You can add stripping into your quilt for a more tailored look and/or to make your quilt bigger. Refer to chart for pricing.


We take your shirts and cut 16" squares  from them, then if you choose, we add stripping between each square in your color choice, and/or add  a border to the outside edge.  Adding stripping or a border adds to the size of the finished quilt and works great for those who only have a few  t shirts but want a little larger throw or quilt.  After completeing the top of the quilt, we then machine quilt your quilt using a spun polyester batting and either white or cream lining (backing).  We finish the edges of your quilt with binding tape available in a large assortment of colors, including white and cream.  You may choose a color for the back of your quilt for an upcharge of $2.99 per yard.  We have an assortment of colors that change often, so you may have to call or email to see if your color choice is available.  Most often we have black red, royal, navy, with brown, tan, hounds tooth, plum and lavender and many other colors rotating in from time to time.  We use a poly cotton blend lining on your t shirt quilt, because, most of the time the shirts have been washed and worn already and therefor have already shrunk, we don't want our batting or lining to shrink  different than your shirts.  Your quilt will be soft and cuddly when you receive it and should launder just like your tshirts did when you laundered them before.  IF you sent us something that is DRYCLEAN only, then your whole tshirt quilt just became dryclean only.  We do not use sweater material in t shirt quilts, but sweatshirts are OK.  Please refer to the information under the pricing table for directions on laying out and sending your shirts to us.  Please, DO NOT CUT YOUR SHIRTS.  If you have already, we can still use your shirts, but there may be a dramatic difference in pricing your quilt because it may become a custom quilt depending on your squares.  We call these puzzle quilts, they look fantastic when finished but require much more time to finish. 

Please visit
for pricing

Colorful quilt with no stripping added

All Harley T Shirts on this Quilt
What would look good on your quilt?

What you need to do...

  • You can use the front or back of any shirt.
  • If you use front and back, count as two shirts.
  • Turn the shirts to the side you want us to use face up. 
  • Put all the shirts that are front and back into a seperate pile and mark them (front and back)
  • Pack into a box, include your name ,address and phone number inside the box.
  • We will call you upon recieving and go over any details at that time. 
  • You may send a check for payment or pay by credit card over the phone when it is finished.
  • We charge $16.00 for shipping within the continental US, which does include insurance. New York and California may be higher.
  • We generally ship USPS Priority  (3 days)



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