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Memory Quilts

Memory quilts can be  made out of all types of clothing.

Made from school uniforms
Has cream stripping, 8" squares

We can use almost any type of clothing to make a memory quilt. Dress shirts, golf shirts, pj's, dress pants, jeans, sweat shirts, uniforms,  scrubs, jackets , baby blankets  (We CANNOT use SWEATERS).  We cut squares in sizes ranging from 6 inch to 12 inches  with 8 inch being the most popular and best looking, and set them togeather to make a block quilt. We do not create any patterns with clothing at this time.  We can add stripping into the quilts to add a more tailored look or to make the quilt bigger, although they look great with out stripping. We can also add a border.   Pricing is based on the size of the square used, the size of the finished product and of  course any add on's.   The smaller the squares are cut the more expensive the quilt, because it will take so many more squares to create the same size quilt.  Please refer to the chart below for pricing.  

Baby and Throw Sizes




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Made from clothing in 8" Squares
Looks Great without stripping!

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